Low carbon public transport in the Koszalińsko-Kołobrzesko-Białogardzki Functional Urban Area: purchase of rolling stock for the town of Białogard

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Miasto Białogard
Gmina Białogard
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Gmina Karlino
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Gmina Ustronie Morskie
Miasto Gmina Białogard
low-emission transport

Town of Białogard - To reduce the emission of pollutants to air and to offer an alternative to car transport in Białogard, the project covers the purchase of 8 low carbon diesel buses that comply with the EURO VI exhaust emission standard. These modern and environment friendly buses will be adapted to the needs of disabled persons, elderly persons and children; they will contribute to the increased numbers of those who resign from individual car transport to use public transport. The new buses will cover an extended route to Moczyłki and the newly built route between Białogard and Karlino. A reduction of the use of passenger cars will have a positive impact on the traffic congestion in the town.

Signing the project co-financing agreement: 13 December 2017
Total value of the project: PLN 6 283 219.81
Co-financing from the European funds: PLN 4 215 862.51
Completion of the investment: June 2019

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