The picture of Koszalin’s cultural life is unusually vivid. It is being formed both by well preserved numerous historic buildings (monumental cathedral of Holy Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Executioners cottage, St. Gertrude’s chapel, historic townhouses and historic defense wall bounding the city in ancient times), and some contemporary factors such as those manifesting themselves in visual arts and music, openness for European and world trends in art, ever widening international contacts. All this results in that the city in the heart of Pomerania has its unique atmosphere and varied, meeting different, needs cultural offer. The cultural image of Koszalin is made up by cultural institutions, cultural societies and collaborating artists. The city’s cultural institutions are being organized and funded by The City of Koszalin. These include:

  • Joachim Lelewel Koszalin Public Library

    plac Polonii 1, 75-415 Koszalin
    tel. (+48) 94 348 15 50
    and 10 of its branches in the town

  • Stanisław Moniuszko Koszalin Philharmonic

    ul. Zwycięstwa 105, 75-001 Koszalin
    tel. (+48) 94 342 20 22

  • Museum

    ul. Młyńska 37/39, 75-420 Koszalin
    tel. (+48) 94 343 20 11, e-mail:

  • Juliusz Słowacki Baltic Dramatic Theatre

    ul. Modrzejewskiej 12, 75–729 Koszalin
    tel. (+48) 94 346 54 02, e-mail:

  • Culture Centre 105

    ul. Zwycięstwa 105, 75-001 Koszalin
    tel. (+48) 94 347 57 02, e-mail:

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