On Friday, 4th January, around 17.00 on Piłsudskiego Street in Koszalin there was a fire in the Escape Room. Five bodies of young people were found after the fire brigade extinguished the fire. Our information shows that the sixth victim is a young man who is currently at the Provincial Hospital in Koszalin.


On-site policemen are performing activities under the supervision of the prosecutor's office, establishing the identity of the victims and determining the causes of the tragedy. After 19.00 a meeting of the Crisis Staff was held under the leadership of the President of Koszalin. All services were put in a state of readiness. Psychological and psychiatric support was provided to those in need.


In connection with the tragedy on Sunday in Koszalin, the Mayor of Koszalin proclaims mourning.

We join in the feeling of pain with the families.


In connection with the tragedy, HE Edward Dajczak, Bishop of Koszalin-Kołobrzeg decided to cancel the Three Kings' retreat in Koszalin.


Tomorrow, January 6th at 17.00 at the place of the tragedy on Pilsudski Street a short service for the victims who died in the escape room fire will be held.



Dear Mr. President,


In connection with the tragedy that happened on Friday in Koszalin,

we are sending condolences and words of compassion to the families and friends.


It is not easy to find the words of consolation, so we are sending words of support and encouragement.


Joining in sadness, in connection with the announced mourning we are hanging a kir on the Koszalin flag.


With words of regret and genuine compassion,


Soldiers of the XVI rotation of the Polish Military Contingent EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina.






Capt. Małgorzata STEFAŃSKA



In connection with the Friday's tragedy, the shifts of the specialists from the Municipal Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic on 43 Morska Street has been started. Help can be provided to children and teenagers and their parents this Saturday and Sunday at 10.00-18.00  (phone: 094 341 01 99 or 504 226 401).


Adults who need help will be able to get it at the Mental Health Center (phone. 94 347 07 54). The center is open and ready to help you.


Psychological assistance is also provided by:


Young People's Association – phone: 501 640 467


Non-public Health Care Institition MONADA – phone: 94 341 77 27



Dear President,

with sadness and disbelief have I received the news of the tragic death of five young girls in Koszalin. The young life was extinguished in one short moment. It is difficult to imagine this tragic situation and the suffering of their dear ones.

In connection with the tragedy, I would like to express, also on behalf of our inhabitants, our sincere condolences. I extend my sincere symphaties to the families of the deceased.


Jurgen Polzehl

Mayor of the town of Schwedt/Oder


Dear President,

We are powerless in the face of death, which overpowers us and takes us into the unknown. And when it comes, stealing a beloved person, it pierces the heart with pain and imprints on it, which reminds us of how powerless we consistently are in the face of death.
Trakai local government is greatly moved by the great tragedy that took place in Koszalin. We assurre families and loved ones of the tragically deceased of our deepest sympathy and express our condolences and understanding.
Yours sincerily
Mayor of the Trakai Regional Government
Edita Rudeliene


To the grieving families and friends of the tragically deceased young Koszalin women, we would like to convey our sincere condolences and expressions of understanding. We share your great sadness and deeply symphatize with the affected residents of Koszalin.
Members of the FRANCE-POLOGNE Society from the city of BOURGES, a friend of Koszalin.


Dear President,
In connection with yesterday's sad event, the fire in which five 15-year-old girls were killed, I assure the families of the tragically deceased of my deepest  sympathy  and I would like to express my sincere condolences.
Such unpredictable events in a cruel way make us aware of how fragile our lives are and how great their value is. The escape room, which was supposed to be a place for teenagers to meet and play, became a deadly trap for them.
I hope that the drama that took place yesterday will become something like a stone thrown into the water; a stone that, although lost in the depths, has triggered a series of actions that could save someone's life in the future.  
Once again, to all those who share the pain after the immense loss of their loved ones, I express my deepest sympathy and assure them that the deceased girls will be alive in our memory and hearts. 
With sincere condolences 
Roman Ciepiela
President of Tarnów


Dear President,
On behalf of the Olsztyn community, please accept the expressions of our heartfelt sympathy for the tragedy that struck your community on January 4, 2019. We are deeply moved by the death of five girls - participants of the escape room party. This drama strikes with its size. It is difficult to understand and even more painful as the victims are children.
We assure you of our deepest sympathy for your painfull loss.
At the same time, I would ask you to convey our condolences and expressions of sympathy to the families of the victims.

Yours sincerily,

Piotr Grzymowicz
Mayor of Olsztyn

Miejski Rzecznik Konsumentów





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